Pedro Fortuny Ayuso

Profesor Titular de Universidad, Matemática Aplicada
Escuela Politécnica de Ingeniería de Gijón.

— Material didáctico para alumnos de Uniovi —


Algunos amigos quisieron que comenzara a escribir mis reflexiones.

Hace unos años escribí un breve libro titulado Pautas y técnicas de programación en C está disponible en Bitbucket, que me sirvió para aclarar algunos conceptos de hilos en C.

Professional and personal interests

I am currently a 'Profesor Titular' (lecturer) of Applied Mathematics at the Universidad de Oviedo. I have taught all the available topics at the School of Engineering at which I work: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus, Numerical Methods, you name it. There are quite a few lecture notes and problem sets at the specific page.


I keep list of my mathematical musings (which may be right or not) for further reference and in case anyone is interested.

I am an algebraic geometer focusing on singularities of ordinary differential equations, vector fields and their relations to valuation theory. This is my list of publications as shown by MathSciNet.

And this is the list of Reviews I have written for the Mathematical Reviews database (you may be unable to see it if you are not subscribed).

Writings and research on CS

I have written a book (Spanish only by now) on semi-advanced techniques in C. It uses the Hamiltonian Circuit Problem as a guide to introduce makefiles, structures, recursion, dynamical memory management, threads...

I have started some security projects together with a friend.

I keep a Command Line Blog with a couple of friends.

I used to work as a network consultant and deployer: Linux/Windows mixed networks, samba services, all kind of network servers, firewalls...

You can watch a video of a talk on social networkds I gave at the Club Deva, in Gijón, Spain.

Software Development

I (used to, I am now a full-time mathematician) focus mainly on Perl development, but know C, Ruby, Java, C++ and have done some Lisp. Work I have done includes:

That may give you an idea of my abilities: both fast, ad-hoc solutions for a need (which is what script languages are mainly for) and detailed, complete software development for long-term use.

I have also done the casual patch of a piece of software for my own (or my employers') needs.

Resumé and Photo

You can get an old version of my resumé in pdf form, or in case you are more text-prone, in text (specifically, UTF-8). I do not own any MS-Office licence, so I cannot offer it in Word format as yet. By the way, if you want it in Spanish, the pdf and the text files are available. If you need the references' e-mails or phone numbers, I may share them with you, but you will understand my not keeping them on-line. Here I am. The photo is not quite recent, but my general aspect has not changed that much (I hope).

General info

I am a 1971-born Mathematician (some people would say I am an Algebraic Geometer); got my degree from Salamanca, which I am quite proud of, and my PhD from Valladolid -also proudly, but the place is less famous, even though the two Universities are almost the same age- and spent some time as a Post-doc (as a Marie Curie fellow) at Queen Mary College, in London. Specifically, I have studied singularities of foliations on the complex plane and their relation with valuations. I have published some papers and given some talks on the subject.

While in London (what a fruitful experience), I developed a taste for Financial Mathematics: Brownian motion, Itô, Black-Scholes and so on.

In case you are wondering, yes, I use LaTeX as my typesetting tool and emacs as my editor. As of vi, I prefer nano.

I have done some Wikipedia stuff (I am even a sysop still). However, as you may see in that link, I am not quite happy with the result. I have strong feelings on the subject.

Finally, I like English literature a lot. To give you an idea: T.S. Eliot, E. Waugh, H. James, ... are the usual suspects whose books are to be found hanging around on my nightstand.

What follows is related to the past, but still relevant

IT tasks I have performed:

Contact Info
  1. E-mail: I've got two addresses. For professional-technical matters, please write to me at info AT
  2. For friends/family, I use pfortuny AT Obviously, you have to change the AT for an @.
  3. Snail-mail address: C/Anselmo Cifuentes 11, 3-Izda 33205 Gijón, Asturias SPAIN
My webmail
This is my webmail (change the dash to a dot).