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MR2647965 Reviewed Cano, José; Fortuny Ayuso, Pedro The space of generalized formal power series solution of an ordinary differential equation. Astérisque No. 323 (2009), 61–81. ISBN: 978-2-85629-263-1 (Reviewer: Arseniy A. Shcherbakov) 34A25 (34A45 37F75)
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Publication Year 2009 Review Published2011-03-11
MR2281860 Reviewed Ayuso, Pedro Fortuny; Schweiger, Fritz A new symmetric two-dimensional algorithm. Int. J. Number Theory 2 (2006), no. 4, 489–498. 11K55 (11J70)
Publication Year 2006 Review Published2008-04-28
MR2228191 Reviewed Fortuny, P.; Gadea, P. M. On the classification theorems of almost-Hermitian or homogeneous Kähler structures. Rocky Mountain J. Math. 36 (2006), no. 1, 213–223. (Reviewer: Sergio Console) 53C30 (05E10 53C15)
Publication Year 2006 Review Published2006-11-03
MR1924707 Reviewed Fortuny Ayuso, Pedro The valuative theory of foliations. Canad. J. Math. 54 (2002), no. 5, 897–915. (Reviewer: Jorge Vitório Pereira) 32S65 (13A18 32M25)
Publication Year 2002 Review Published2003-06-06
MR1844525 Reviewed Fortuny, P.; Sanz, F. Gradient vector fields do not generate twister dynamics. J. Differential Equations 174 (2001), no. 1, 91–100. (Reviewer: Robert Roussarie) 37C10
Publication Year 2001 Review Published2002-06-06
MR1972150 Reviewed Fortuny, P. De l'Hôpital valuations and complex planar foliations. (Spanish) Rev. Semin. Iberoam. Mat. Singul. Tordesillas 2 (1998), no. 2, 3–19. 12H05 (12J20 32S65 37F75)
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Publication Year 1998 Review Published2003-11-23
MR1386154 Reviewed Cruceanu, V.; Fortuny, P.; Gadea, P. M. A survey on paracomplex geometry. Rocky Mountain J. Math. 26 (1996), no. 1, 83–115. (Reviewer: Sorin Dragomir) 53C56 (53C15)
Publication Year 1996 Review Published1996-12-13
MR1746190 Reviewed Santos-García, Gustavo; Ayuso, Pedro Fortuny On manifold endowed with a Sasakian 2-structure. Rend. Sem. Mat. Messina Ser. II 3(18) (1994/95), 67–77. (Reviewer: Andrew Bucki) 53C25
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Publication Year 1994 Review Published2000-07-21
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